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A gigolo and a lawyer are convinced their marriage of convenience doesn’t have to lead to love in this third and final standalone novel of Micah Persell’s spicy romance series.

Charlotte Moore should be on the short list to make partner at her family law firm. But rumors fly around the firm that her single status and business side distance her clients. So she invents a fiancé on the spot to appear more personable and now has to make her fantasy man a reality, or she’ll go from being branded an odd misfit to an outright liar, and she can kiss her hopes of making partner goodbye.

Ryker Martinez is gung-ho on the concept of a spouse and kids. Even though he’s a gigolo, he longs to be a family man—as long as he can keep emotion out of the marriage bed. When his beautiful new client, Charlotte, hires him to fake date her and then proposes a marriage of convenience for a huge payday, Ryker leaps at the once-in-a-lifetime arrangement. Yet, even as he signs on the dotted line, he recognizes his growing feelings for this woman are not exactly convenient for his plans to stay detached and safe.

As their emotions deepen, will Ryker and Charlotte be willing to give up what they think they want for what could make them truly happy?

Sensuality Level: Spicy

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