Micah Persell
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Wild and Wanton


Read Jane Austen's originals with a little "wildness" and "wantonness" thrown in!

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"This 'wild and wanton' rewrite of Jane Austen’s Emma did not disappoint...The transitions are seamless, the writing styles matched extremely well. I like to think that Austen (after getting over a bit of shock) would have welcomed these spicy, but tasteful, additions to her story. I know that I certainly did."
-Tattooed Book Review

"...Keeping true to the voice of Jane Austen, Micah has improved upon a classic...."
-Unwrapping Romance

Persuasion: The Wild and Wanton Edition

"If Austen's book is a martini, then Persell's Wild and Wanton edition is a Godiva chocolate martini."
-Andrea R. Cooper, author of Viking Fire

"...while I'm sure Jane Austen would be suitably shocked...I'm equally sure she would have been tickled to know that her characters lived up to the passion that she created between them"
-Amber T. Smith, author of If the Shoe Fits

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